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Year Published: 2019

Spatial Integration of Biological and Social Objectives to Identify Priority Landscapes for Waterfowl Habitat Conservation

Waterfowl population management and habitat conservation compose one of the oldest and most successful adaptive management frameworks in the world. Since its inception, the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) has emphasized strategically targeted conservation investments in regions that most affect waterfowl population dynamics. By...

Krainyk, Anastasia; Lyons, James E.; Brasher, Michael G.; Humburg, Dale D.; Souilliere, Greg J.; Coluccy, John M.; Petrie, Mark J.; Howerter, David W.; Slattery, Stuart M.; Rice, Mindy B.; Fuller, Joe C.
Krainyk, A., Lyons, J.E., Brasher, M.G., Humburg, D.D., Soulliere, G.J., Coluccy, J.M., Petrie, M.J., Howerter, D.W., Slattery, S.M., Rice, M.B., and Fuller, J.C., 2019, Spatial integration of biological and social objectives to identify priority landscapes for waterfowl habitat conservation: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2019–1029, 41 p.,

Year Published: 2019

When volcanoes fall down—Catastrophic collapse and debris avalanches

Despite their seeming permanence, volcanoes are prone to catastrophic collapse that can affect vast areas in a matter of minutes. Large collapses begin as gigantic landslides that quickly transform to debris avalanches—chaotically tumbling masses of rock debris that can sweep downslope at extremely high velocities, inundating areas far beyond the...

Siebert, Lee; Reid, Mark E.; Vallance, James W.; Pierson, Thomas C.
Siebert, L., Reid, M.E., Vallance, J.W., and Pierson, T.C., 2019, When volcanoes fall down—Catastrophic collapse and debris avalanches: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2019-3023, 6 p.,

Year Published: 2019

Monitoring long-term changes in forage fish distribution, abundance and body condition

We collected data on forage fish abundance, distribution and body condition in Prince William Sound, Alaska during summers in 2012 through 2016. This included acoustic – trawl surveys, aerial-acoustic surveys, opportunistic sampling where we encountered forage aggregations, and concurrent measurements of forage fish habitat. Acoustic indices of...

Arimitsu, Mayumi L.; Piatt, John F.

Year Published: 2019

2018 USA National Phenology Annual Report

This report provides a very high-level summary of some of the USA-NPN’s accomplishments over the past year. The purpose is to share with USA-NPN funders, partners, and the general public the value of the organization.

Weltzin, Jake F.; Crimmins, Theresa M.

Year Published: 2019

Control of invasive sea lampreys using the piscicides TFM and niclosamide: Toxicology, successes & future prospects

The invasion of the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America by sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) in the early 20th century contributed to the depletion of commercial, recreational and culturally important fish populations, devastating the economies of communities that relied on the fishery. Sea lamprey populations were subsequently controlled...

Michael Wilkie; Terrance Hubert; Boogaard, Michael A.; Oana Birceanu

Year Published: 2019

Basin, climatic, and irrigation factors associated with median summer water yields in Southwestern Michigan, 1945-2015

Median summer water yields and resultant flows for streams are used in Michigan to regulate large water withdrawals to help prevent negative effects on characteristic fish populations. Large water withdrawals commonly are associated with irrigation in rural areas. In an earlier statewide report, an index-flow statistic for the period of record,...

Holtschlag, David J.
Holtschlag, D.J., 2019, Basin, climatic, and irrigation factors associated with median summer water yields for streams in southwestern Michigan, 1945–2015: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2018–5071, 23 p.,

Year Published: 2019

Geology of the Cornwall Quadrangle, Virginia

No abstract available. 

Heller, Matthew J.; Carter, Mark W.; Wilkes, G.P.; Coiner, R.L.
Heller, M.J., Carter, M.W., Wilkes, G.P., and Coiner, L.V., 2019, Geology of the Cornwall quadrangle, Virginia: Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources Publication 184, 13 p.

Year Published: 2019

Adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) behavior and movement from Roza Dam to Cle Elum Dam, Washington, 2018

An evaluation was conducted to describe adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) upstream movement patterns from Roza Dam to Cle Elum Dam in the Yakima Basin, Washington. Sockeye salmon adults that arrive at Roza Dam are currently trapped and transported upstream of Cle Elum Dam because upstream fish-passage facilities aren’t currently in place...

Kock, Tobias J.; Evans, Scott D.; Ekstrom, Brian K.; Hansen, Amy C.
Kock, T.J., Evans, S.D., Ekstrom, B.K., and Hansen, A.C., 2019, Adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) behavior and movement from Roza Dam to Cle Elum Dam, Washington, 2018: Open-File Report 2019-1053, 8 p.,

Year Published: 2019

Developing an expert elicited simulation model to evaluate invasive species and fire management alternatives

Invasive species can alter ecosystem properties and cause state shifts in landscapes. Resource managers charged with maintaining landscapes require tools to understand implications of alternative actions (or inactions) on landscape structure and function. Simulation models can serve as a virtual laboratory to explore these alternatives and their...

Jarnevich, Catherine S.; Cullinane Thomas, Catherine; Young, Nicholas E.; Backer, Dana M.; Cline, Sarah A.; Frid, Leonardo; Grissom, Perry

Year Published: 2019

Resilience of benthic macroinvertebrates to extreme floods in a Catskill Mountain river, New York, USA: Implications for water quality monitoring and assessment

Changes in the timing, magnitude, frequency, and duration of extreme hydrologic events are becoming apparent and could disrupt species assemblages and stream ecosystems across the Northeastern United States. Between August 28 and 29 of 2011, an average of 31 cm of rain from Tropical Storm Irene fell across Eastern New York State in less than 24 h...

Smith, Alexander J.; Baldigo, Barry P.; Duffy, Brian T; George, Scott D.; Dresser, Brian

Year Published: 2019

Flood-inundation maps for the Amite and Comite Rivers from State Highway 64 to U.S. Highway 190 at Central, Louisiana

Flood-inundation maps for a 14.5-mile reach of the Amite River and a 20.2-mile reach of the Comite River from State Highway 64 to U.S. Highway 190 were created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the City of Central, Louisiana. These maps, which can be accessed through an interactive mapper at the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping...

Storm, John B.
Storm, J.B., 2019, Flood-inundation maps for the Amite and Comite Rivers from State Highway 64 to U.S. Highway 190 at Central, Louisiana: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2019–5028, 20 p.,

Year Published: 2019

Remote sensing of river flow in Alaska—New technology to improve safety and expand coverage of USGS streamgaging

The U.S. Geological Survey monitors water level (water surface elevation relative to an arbitrary datum) and measures streamflow in Alaska rivers to compute and compile river flow records for use by water resource planners, engineers, and land managers to design infrastructure, manage floodplains, and protect life, property, and aquatic resources...

Conaway, Jeff; Eggleston, John R.; Legleiter, Carl J.; Jones, John W.; Kinzel, Paul J.; Fulton, John W.
Conaway, J.S., Eggleston, J., Legleiter, C.J., Jones, J.W., Kinzel, P.J., and Fulton, J.W., 2019, Remote sensing of river flow in Alaska—New technology to improve safety and expand coverage of USGS streamgaging: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2019-3024, 4 p.,