Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a way for amateur field-scientists to get involved with the USGS. These large-scale projects are conducted by organized volunteers who observe the natural environment and record their experiences. Choose a topic of your interest below:

Image: USA-NPN Citizen-Scientist Lucille Tower

Biology and Ecosystems

Learn more about the science of conducting research and monitoring to understand freshwater, terrestrial and marine ecosystems and the fish and wildlife within them.

This photograph was taken on October 28, 2014, as lava from Kīlauea Volcano crossed into two privately owned properties above Pā

Natural Hazards

Every year in the U.S., natural hazards threaten lives and livelihoods and result in billions of dollars in damage. We work with many partners to monitor, assess, and conduct targeted research on a wide range of natural hazards, so that policymakers and the public have the understanding they need to enhance preparedness, response and resilience.